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With the constant development in the web design industry, many creative suggestions are brought out to accelerate interface and attract more audiences. Thus, the trend for websites in 2020 is expected to be a harmonious integration of the aesthetics of graphic design and the evolution of technologies. Since the information is suffused on the Internet, today’s websites need to deliver their messages conspicuously in order to stand out.

Many kinds of research about the emerging UI design trends and ongoing ones have been conducted so far to ensure that the website is perfectly in style. By following these striking trends, you can have your website impressive and unique, which increases more business opportunity. Here is our selected list of the most promising design solutions that you will see during the year 2020.

1. Oversized type and elements

For the purpose of communicating instantaneously and clearly, designers favourably apply prominent elements into websites. This magnitude in design can be shown on the webpage everywhere from oversized typography to fullscreen videos and images, and even large menu icons. These grand features are eye-catching and help the business deliver its message plainly and efficiently.   

Opera House by Daniel Mcleay

Refer to this trend, websites are more likely to combine a fullscreen image or GIF with large typography on their first fold. This layout ensures that the information not only traverses but also truly reaches and resonates with site visitors. However, you should be aware that too many large elements used together can be overwhelming and counterproductive.

2. Animations, Integrated GIFs and Dynamic Illustrations

Digital illustrations have evolved impressively for the last few years and always been in top trends of web design. These solutions are expected to replace traditional videos, which are heavy and reduce the loading speed. Illustrations which are motioned and customised with extra details can show the uniqueness of your brand. Besides, animations and GIFs are also one of the most effective ways to tell the story about a company’s brand. Therefore, designers prefer using these solutions to capture more users’ attention and make them engage with your service. 

3. 3D Artworks and Elements:

The applications of 3D graphics into web design is not new in and of itself, but they’re now becoming more widely preferred. This could be due to the accessibilities and capacities of the web browser now more than it has been previously. These digital 3D images are utilised to create a depth effect since they could be observed in a 360-degree presentation. In 2020, even more brands have intention to use 3D render models to illustrate their products or services in order to emulate the real world (in-store) shopping experience.

Yacht Homepage by Saptarshi Prakash

Since these factors bring more additional eye-catching effects than 2D images, more visitors are kept staying at the page. However, you should note that this web design trend should be used in moderation. The excessive usage of these elements can catch eye strain and dizziness.

4. Asymmetrical Layouts

As the traditional or “template” based layouts are no more trendy, asymmetrical layouts in digital design become favourable and pertinent. Although this trend was from last year, it’s still predicted to continually grow in 2020. Appropriate usage of asymmetrical layouts add more character, dynamic and personality to web designs, so they are not template-based anymore. Not only increases the visuality, but this trend also helps to deliver the brand’s message especially. 

Asymmetrical Barcelona 2 by Matt Gromulski

The opportunity to create asymmetrical layouts is endless and designers can express their style effectively. Although it is all about creativeness, you should implement these asymmetrical layouts with the care that placing elements randomly on the grid wouldn’t work or using improper effects is somehow overwhelming. Hence, designers need to ensure that visitors and customers won’t get lost when visiting the website.

5. Shadows and layers  .

Layering up elements and adding shadows into the page are the enticing ways to make 2D screens deeper and more dazzling, fostering the feeling of big picture and illusion of 3D effect. These effects can be acquired either by placing items on top of one another so that they are partially concealed from view, or by allowing additional content to pop into view once clicked.

Home Concept by PopArt Studio

Although the page is overcrowded and busy with contents from text, images, videos, icons,… when arranged well, the resulting composition will remain orderly and easily legible.

6. Luminous color schemes

In 2020, luminous color schemes will be perceived as an isometric trend and used in many digital designs such as websites, banners, etc. As web design has become more daring, applying saturated colors in combination with darker shades or glow-in-the-dark neon can give the page luminous feel. These luminous colors will bloat from screens and make your website more veritably vivacious and futuristic. 

With the rise of extreme minimalism and dark mode trend, intriguing color schemes can really shine.

Fantastic Forest by Zahidul

7. Minimalism

Minimalism has been a long-lasting web design trend and still not had any outdated signal. It could refer to a plethora of things- from narrow color palettes, minimalistic graphic elements, minimum of text and navigation. The trend grew to prominence as a way of attention spans and accommodating ebbing screen sizes. Therefore, navigating throughout the website is alleviated and visitors can find it’s easier to find their required information. Due to the elegance, usability, and simplicity that minimalism brings to designers and end-users, this trend is forecasted to last for years in the future.

Minimalistic Architectural Website Concept by Shakuro

After going through this article, diverse web design trends are predicted to be implemented particularly in 2020. From absolute simplicity to element combinations and over-the-top color, designers will have a variety of pickings on how to design a website that will be more prominent than other attention-grabbing designs out there. 

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