HiJack found a different way to win in food delivery market by focusing on Singaporean habit: enjoy eating at the foodcourt. We visualized their ideas together and provided them with application architecture, UX/UI design, and platform development.

One in a million

The food delivery app market in Singapore is quickly improving, which makes it attractive for startups and existing logistics companies. Therefore, HiJack – a newcomer found a different way to win in this competitive market by focusing on Singaporean habit: enjoy eating at the foodcourt.

Our main goal for the HiJack project was to make an app that would visualize their idea and help their business grow. We wanted the product to be equally useful for HiJack customers, delivery crews, and managers.

We needed to build three distinct products to serve three groups of people.

From A to Z
A talented offshore team has been formed and fully supported in all aspects: Consultant, BA, QA, Design

Creating wireframes
For customers

Order creation system.

Delivery payment system.

Delivery tracking system.

HiJack lets users form a menu set from a wide range of stores in the foodcourt and track the delivery right to the customer’s door. It also allows users to pay for the delivery directly in the app and to track the delivery process on a map.

For delivery crews

Simple logistics system

Delivery tracking system

System for updating delivery status

The app allows the delivery crew to accept orders, view the location of the client on the map, and get the confirmation from the customer who has to put their signature to indicate that order was delivered to them.

For store managers

Admin panel for customer details.

Admin panel for delivery crew details.

Delivery scheduling and tracking system.

The admin panel for store managers allows them to effectively manage orders’ status in real time.

Visual design

We needed to create a UI that was easily accessible in many places (office, school, car, outdoors, etc.) and suitable with different kinds of customers (youth, elder, students, officer, etc.).

We took Singaporean culture as the basis for our app concept, which gave us a clearly defined color scheme. We choose red because it brings luck and happiness in Asian belief and stimulates taste perception.

Schedule weekly meals

User can order plates from all stores in the foodcourt and arrange their own schedule for the whole week. We implement time filter under each plate to help the customer set the day and time they want to receive food.


To make the user experience more convenient for shippers, we added a map with routes that shows the pickup and delivery points.


HiJack offers flexible payment method: COD and Stripe. Customers can review order details, total price, and delivery charges as well.

Customer utility

To evaluate user engagements, HiJack holds some cooking lessons, private dining, and events. Customers can find the detail information and join them in just a few taps right in the Home page.

An app will change the way you order food

BSS has taken all the way from an idea to final implementation and enjoyed every exciting moment when launching the product. After the launch, we stay next to our customer to react to any technical problems if they may arise.


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